Our farmstead

A new family farm, new possibilities

Winter 2017 Ferme la Machine moved to it's new location in Mulgrave-and-Derry, Québec in a region known as Petite Nation. Our micro-farm, with 1 acre of bio-intensive gardens, a small flock of laying hens and broilers now finds itself nestled in 300+ acres of breathtaking mixed forest, mountains, rolling pastures and wetlands.

We now have the opportunity to broaden our systems, to apply the knowledge that we acquired at our first farm to larger spaces and to learn so much more as we diversify our production further. 

Our farmstead is committed to food sovereignty. Our initial motivation was to produce the best food possible and to become self-sufficient. Quickly, we realized that this land, our knowledge and the bounty we produce are gifts that we must share.

We look forward to sharing the abundance, the beauty and our knowledge with you.

The 7 pillars of Food Sovereignty

Focuses on food for people

Builds knowledge and skill

Works with nature

Values food providers

Localizes food systems

Puts control locally

Food is sacred

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Our Methods

All of our products are available locally. Pick-up or purchase at the farm and at local pick-up points within 1 hour of the farm.

Our farm uses no non-selective pesticides, no fungicides, no herbicides. (organic or not)

Our animals are raised on pasture during warmer months, and are sheltered in our stable or tunnels during the winter. They provide the fertility for our gardens. We use no antibiotics or hormones of any sort.

We use no-till methods in our gardens, produce our own compost, from which we make and apply compost extract sprays.

We do all of our work by hand, we are mainly non mechanized and have very little reliance on fossil fuels for producing our food.