Ethical Meats & Eggs

You may not have your own farm, but now you can eat like you do.

Does your conscience have you searching for naturally produced meats? Do you consider the ecological impact and animal well-being as well as the taste when you buy your meat? If you dread the choices you face in the the grocery store and find it difficult to find healthy, convenient and delicious options, we have the solution for you. We've hand picked and partnered with local producers who fit our criteria for ethics and quality in their meat production.

If you are interested in ethically raised meats for your family, we have   grass-fed beef, pastured pork and lamb and natural, non-intensively raised poultry and eggs from local producers, all season.

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Monthly Ethical Meat Baskets

Purchase a farm store monthly meat basket for pickup at the farm or have your meat delivered to our community drop off. Receive a mix of ethically produced meats, from our local producer partners, on a monthly basis (4 deliveries, every 4 weeks) during the season. All meats are delivered frozen and the basket will fit in a regular sized freezer. We'll even send you the recipes that compliment the seasonal vegetables to help out with your meal planning for the month.

Farm fresh, pastured eggs
from 5.00

Our rustic chickens roam our pastures and gardens eating what they can find, doing what chickens do. We also supplement them with some grain. This makes for happy chickens and delicious eggs!

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Check out our bulk meat orders:

  • Buy a 1/4 Grass fed beef
  • Buy a whole, half or quarter pastured lamb
  • Buy a half or whole pork

All bulk purchases are seasonal and price varies from animal to animal. To arrange a purchase please contact us or (819) 428-1335 Home delivery available!