Ferme La Machine Agrees

  • To supply the community members with fresh, local produce during the growing season

  • To employ best practices in ecological production to ensure we provide as much variety as possible throughout the season regardless of climactic and environmental challenges.

  • To communicate regularly with community members providing upcoming basket contents to make your meal planning easier and recipes and preservation methods  to minimize waste and maximize enjoyment of the harvest.

Community members

  • Picking up your veggies each week at the drop off point during the pick-up window.

  • Advise us if you are unable to pick up your basket; designate someone to pick it up for you or opt to offer it to a family in need. 

  • Committing to the season by paying upfront or according to the payment plan that matches your basket type.

    • A deposit of 400$ applies to all basket types

    • Payments are 200$ weekly starting mid June, until full payment is received

    • *Veggie baskets would be paid around June 15th-22nd

  •  Remember to bring your own bags and/or cooler to take your food home in.

  • Understanding and sharing the inherent risks and rewards of farming by enjoying in the bounty and making due if there are low crop yields or crop failure due to weather or insects.

  • Making changes in your meal habits, by planning meals, trying new vegetables and eating seasonally, and helping others in the community by sharing recipes, etc... 

  • Spreading the idea by spreading the word! Our favorite way of finding new customers is through our current ones. If you know someone who would love what we do, please put us in touch. We will give you a tasty referral bonus for anyone who mentions you at signup. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. If you like anything you see please share it with friends




Because we will be communicating regularly with you via email,  your agreement to be a part of the community includes assuring that you open and read all email communications as soon as you see them, because some may be time sensitive. This will ensure that you are informed ASAP of any important info like, the contents of your next delivery, the confirmation of any additional orders or any events on the farm.


Once you have signed on to be a part of our community, there are no cancellations and no refunds. An important part of this model is that it provides the farmer with funds that will go towards the production and delivery costs for the season as well as to support the growth and development of the farm. The entire community shares the risk in terms of challenges like pests, crop diseases and natural disasters. We make every effort to ensure success, but there are no guarantees in nature. The upside is that if conditions are favourable and there is bumper crop, our members are the first to benefit.


We understand that the growing season is also vacation time for many of you. If you will be away for 1 or more weeks and will be unable to pick up your basket(s), you can share it with a friend by designating them to pick it up for you. You can also choose to offer your basket to a local family in need, this is what we will be doing with any unclaimed baskets.


By joining our community you are also taking part in the creation of a new Machine. A Machine powered by humans geared at creating community around enjoying healthy, local foods.  We believe that small scale, transparent, food production is key to solving many of the challenges that face us all going forward. In joining our community you are saying that you believe this too and you are taking action to help move the shift forward. Plus you get great juicy tomatoes!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to seeing you each week!