What is Community Supported Agriculture?

This can mean different things to different people.

What is commonly agreed upon is that a  CSA is a direct partnership between growers and consumers, who commit to funding a portion of the operating budget required for the grower to produce and deliver their seasonal harvest. This way, the risks and rewards associated with agriculture are shared between all members of the community.


For us, CSA is the little piece of the change we want for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world. It’s a commitment to moving away from the deception of Big Agriculture and processed foods. It represents our refusal to resign ourselves to the complexity of enormous problems by actively doing our part to implement simple solutions. 

We believe that the solutions lay in:

1. Enabling small family farms growing food ethically and without compromise. Supporting a farmstead CSA offers a livelihood to a family that has positive ripple effects across the environment and the community.

2. Selling food directly to the people who eat it, creating community and person to person interactions so that people can truly understand where their food comes from AND how it was produced.

3. Farming with whole systems that include both plant and animal production working symbiotically, enriching soils naturally and respecting animal welfare.

By joining our CSA, you are supporting these ideals and are participating in a movement.

Welcome.  Thank you.

 Eat seasonally, eat local, eat better.

How a CSA helps small farmers?

  • Provides revenue early during the season when we incur the most expenses

  • Allows us to plan our production and harvest in advance of the coming season

  • Provides the support of a committed community of consumers

  • Allows us to have a direct connection with our community for feedback

Why join a CSA?

  • Eat fresh, healthy, organic food

  • Get connected with your own personal farmer
    (know where your food comes from)

  • Support local economies

  • Support sustainable and local agriculture

  • Support a family business


How do the (Membership) baskets work?

Our basket delivery season is 16 weeks from mid June to mid October

You have two options to choose from:

Pick up your basket at a local pick-up point or come and pick it up at the farm.

Seasonal harvest basket :  A basket of seasonal vegetables and some fruit. Your basket can be customized with BASKET OPTIONS to get more of the things you like including farm fresh, pastured eggs.

You pay a deposit when you register, joining our community. This reserves your spot and the funds are applied to the cost of your basket. From there we ask for weekly payments of 200$ once the season starts until your balance is settled.

How much does a weekly share cost?

Seeing our baskets can be customized, the exact price depends on the options you choose.

Our Seasonal harvest Veggie basket can be customized by adding options or meat. The basket itself provides the veggies for the same number of meals and people as above, starting at less than 2.40$ per person per day for a family of 3, to eat healthy, delicious veggies all season long. 


Deposits are 400$ and are due at signup. This reserves your spot in the community and the funds are put towards the cost of your share.

Is my deposit refundable? 

The simple answer is no.  Your deposit is not refundable or transferable. The CSA deposit reserves your spot in the CSA and will be put towards the total cost of your share. The nature of a CSA program is for the  members to invest in the farm as early in the season as possible to help cover initial costs to start the season. (Seeds, tools, equipment) As we are a small farm and business we depend on the commitments of our members and community 100% of the way.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We offer a payment schedule with the intention of making local, ethical eating accessible to the most people possible. While the plan is open to everyone, we do ask that if you can afford to pay up front. 

Seasonal harvest baskets, 200$ payments start mid June

*Any additional purchases made through our buying club must be paid on or before delivery.


What happens if I do not pay on time?

Late payments will result in a fee of $25 or a forfeit of the CSA share and deposit.  The nature of a CSA program is for the  members to invest in the farm as early in the season as possible.  The farm cannot function as it should if payments are made late.  As we are a small farm and business we depend on the commitments of our members and community 100% of the way.


How do I make payment?

Cheques: Send your check for the allotted amount to 1124 chemin de Derry, Mulgrave-and-Derry Qc J8L 2W9.  All checks should be made payable to Curtis Phillips

Interac-E transfer  The simplest way to pay! Send us an e-transfer to info@fermelamachine.com 


Will there be a limited number of shares?

Yes, we will be limiting our CSA, and we have sold out every year…. so act fast as we expect it to fill up fast! 

**Especially this year**  We are focusing on feeding our local community in the Outaouais region. We've reduced the total number of baskets we will be offering in order to really focus on establishing a core group of people interested in investing in our farm, interested in eating seasonal, ethically grown food. 


Can I split a share with another household/family?

We strongly discourage splitting shares between more than one household as it has a negative financial impact on the farm. It also affects the quality of the product and service we are putting out there. Our goal is to feed families with the wholesome food they are looking for, directly from the farm. Splitting them up results in a lesser product for both families


Can I come volunteer and get my hands dirty with my farmers?

Of course! If you would like to come and visit the farm during the season you are always welcome, after all, it’s your farm too! Just give us a call or message us to let us know when you plan to come by so you can be sure we will be here. We’ll be happy to discuss the farm and food or anything else… while we work.


How do I know if I will have enough vegetables?

Every household is different... but, the past few years has helped us have a good idea of the portions needed to feed our member families over the week.  Our new options allow you to customize your seasonal harvest basket adding more of the vegetables you like. If you are not sure of the right amount for your family, contact us, we will be happy to recommend a solution for you.