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You may not have your own farm, but now you can eat like you do.

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Veggie Basket

from 585.00

This is a weekly basket of seasonal vegetables harvested from our gardens over 16 weeks, from mid-June to mid-October. This basket will contain 8-15 different vegetables in portions that would provide the ingredients for at least 4-5 meals per week for 2-3 people. Great for 2-3 people (or for veggie lovers!) This basket will keep you out of the veggie section of the grocery store for the season.

Our subscription prices include weekly delivery to a convenient pick-up point in your community. 

Customize your Basket with Add-on Options

Get more of the things you like with our add-on options! Each option is priced based on the number of weeks it is in season with one or two weeks free for subscribing members.

Fresh herbs Add-on

Fresh Herbs 5$/week Many of our members have home gardens and grow their own herbs, so we don't include them in our baskets. If you love to cook with fresh herb or would even like to store them, this option is for you!

Add 2-3 fresh herbs to you basket for amazing flavour in your recipes.

Expect 16 weeks of deliveries.

for Kale Lovers! extra kale

Kale lovers! 4$/week Our extra kale option is back! You may be a smoothie fan or become addicted to kale salads like we us. If you think maybe the kale you will receive in your baskets won't be enough...

Add a a generous extra bunch of kale to your weekly basket. Expect 15-16 weeks of deliveries


Storage 5$/week The best way to extend the season is to store veggies that keep. We plan to grow winter squash varieties, Spaghetti squash, butternut, acorn, delicata, pumpkins and hubbard squash that keep well for months in a cold room or any cool place you have in your home. If you want to still be eating veggies from the farm in December, choose this option. 

Add extra storage veggies to your weekly basket. Expect 3 weeks of deliveries


Spicy 3$/week Some like it hot, some do not. We don’t include our spicy peppers in our regular baskets, because, frankly, some people can’t handle it. For those who like some heat, expect Habaneros, Jalapeños, pablanos and Cayenne varieties

Add a bunch of spicy peppers to your weekly basket. Expect about 5 weeks of deliveries


Farm fresh, pastured eggs
from 5.00

Our rustic chickens roam our pastures and gardens eating what they can find, doing what chickens do. We also supplement them with some grain. This makes for happy chickens and delicious eggs!

Add extra lettuce!

Salad 4$/week If your family is big on salads, you may want to take a generous extra portion each week. An extra portion of flavourful, whole head lettuce, salad mixes, mesclun or arugula will be waiting for you to enjoy each week.

Add a a generous extra portion of salad greens to your weekly basket. Expect 15-16 weeks of deliveries

Summer harvest add-on

Summer harvest 5$/week These are the garden celebrities of the summer! Take advantage of an abundance of our heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, eggplants and melons available during the peak of summer.

More greens!

Greens 4$/week We have a sautéd green as a side dish with most of our meals. Collard greens, swiss chards, bok choi, asian greens; if you can’t get enough, or you would like to have greens with more than 1-2 meals per week for most of the season...

Add a a generous extra bunch of greens to your weekly basket. Expect 15-16 weeks of deliveries


Alliums 3$/week For the serious chef! We can’t think of too many recipes that don’t include garlic or onions of one sort or another. If you want to make sure you aren’t caught without some on hand take this option. We plan to grow, shallots, green onions, cippolinis, storage onions and garlic!

Add an extra bunch of alliums to your weekly basket. Expect 13-14 weeks of deliveries


Looking for ethical meat options? Contact us

"Buy a basket" Donation

At Ferme La Machine, we are offering healthy, ecological choices in terms of what we all eat and where it comes from. We believe that the ability to make this choice should be extended to everyone. The fact is, though, that higher quality food comes with a slightly higher price tag which puts it out of reach for some families.  In order to help level the playing field, we have a "Buy a basket" donation option. If you feel the way we do, and can afford to share, we encourage you to donate any amount you wish. We will pool the funds and match them. We will then work with a local charity to connect with families in need so that they can eat great tasting, healthy food. Last year our community helped 5 families eat great food through donations. Any amount is appreciated, and completely voluntary.

Vegetable Basket Examples

Here are some samples of the seasonal veggie baskets from last year:

Early Season:  (Week 2) redbore kale, kholrabi, vates kale, mesclun salad mix, garlic scapes, swiss chard, radishes, roquette, green onions, spring salad mixHerbs: genovese basil and oregano

Peak-Season:  (Week 7) sakura tomatoes, red russian kale, yellow cipollini onions, cabbage,  fennel, swiss chard, green onions, zucchini, cucumbers, fresh garlic, head of lettuce, green beens Herbs: rosemary and thai basil Spicy peppers: Ring of fire cayenne

(Week 11): fennel, watermelon, mesclun mix, onions, pumpkin, swiss chard, country taste tomatoes, radishes, garlic, zucchini, sakura tomatoes, carrots, mixed kale, bell peppers, cucumber Herbs: lemon basil, parsley   Spicy peppers: jalapenos, ring of fire cayenne

End of Season:  (Week 14) bok choy, zucchini, arugula,mesclun mix,pumpkin, watermelon,mixed kale, swiss chard, bell peppers, pontiac onions, radishes, pint of matt's wild cherry tomatoes   Herbs: thyme, white sage   Spicy peppers: habaneros, thai chili, banana peppers Storage: acorn squash, spaghetti squash

(Week 16) Swiss chard, lettuce head, mesclun mix, bell peppers, red wing onions, mixed kale, baby bok choy, chinese flowering broccoli   Storage: butternut squash, sweet dumpling squash