Become a Workshare Member


Become a Workshare Member


Workshares are a way to make our baskets more affordable and to get them onto the tables of those in our community.

Workshare members will exchange 4 hours of work at the farm per week and receive a seasonal harvest basket each week of our 17 week season.

A workshare is an excellent way to understand what is involved in producing your food

We do most everything at the farm manually, so an extra set of hands is welcome.

Farm task that you can help us with:

  • Harvesting and preparing vegetables (Wed/Friday/Saturday)
  • Weeding (Tuesday-Saturday)
  • Chicken chores/egg prep (Wed/Friday)
  • Compost turning, tea-extract application (any day)
  • Planting (Tuesday-Saturday)
  • Other misc tasks and light duties

Limited positions. Contact us to apply

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